• Image of PREORDER: Slutet - Jihad (EP) 2nd Version

Due to the incredible demand M.O.H. and The End Commune decided to release another batch of Jihad tapes.

The second version will come with a different tape color and possibly even with a different cover!

"this is something we worked on for quite a while. after the vinyl compilation was out (early 2015) we felt probably a bit directionless, and, having parted ways with a befriended and talented guitar player, we felt maybe a bit morally weakened to continue. first, for a year almost, we toiled on without the 6-strings and rehearsed quite lengthy material for a proposed upcoming LP. however, that material never surfaced. then we got a new guitar player and created and recorded this mess after rehearsing not enough probably. lyrically, it is some kind of existential poetry on both these tracks. the first track is about our condemnation to freedom and the eternal proliferation of possibilities in the kierkegaardian and sartrean sense of the terms. the second one is a piece rife with mythological symbolism, a homage to our goddess Inanna. both tracks are very personal empirical observations of existence, the human condition, and the almost auto-organic socio-cultural structures and worlds we have succesively grown into; melted into.

musically, i dont fucking know what this is. it has got some psychedelic improvs, some very unorthodox and quite genious vocal work, some electronic undertones, some noisey ambience, a message of existentialism; all this wrapped up in some sloppy but very authentic and intense black metal-ish music. "
- Abu Bakr al-Uppsalahi -

Listen to one track via soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/theendcommune/match-questions-gasoline-truth